40 Book Recommendations over 1000 pages to get through the Quarantine

Hey there! Tired of staying at home during the lockdown/self-isolation/quarantine/whatever you want to call this situation? If you are like me, you are probably having a hard time processing strings of words longer than a blog post and finding creative ways to procrastinate your reading habit. Maybe you are reading more than usual and the act of finishing a book a day is making you realise how long you haven’t stepped out of the house.

If you fall in the latter category, then fret not. I’ve collated a list of books over 1000 pages across genres to make you forget that you are in quarantine. (Yup, I just procrastinated my reading by compiling a booklist)

Trigger Warning: A lot of these books are written years back and some are even considered classics. This means that they are products of their time and may contain themes that are unjust, but were acceptable back when they were written. I feel that it is important to read classics even though some of the themes annoy/anger me because they provide a better understanding of the olden days and also offer topics for discussion. If you do not want to read books with certain triggers, I wholly respect that. Please look up the trigger warnings of the books listed before you pick them up.

Click on a book cover to go to its Goodreads page and check the details:








There are more books over 1000 pages, but I really wanted to stop this list at 40 because quarantine originally refers to 40 days. Some popular big books could not be added because they are just a little shy of 1000 pages. Share your favourite big books in the comments below.

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