Book Review Submissions

I review advance book copies and like to help budding authors succeed. If you are an author who wants to submit their book for my review, message me on goodreads with information about your book.

I’ve been getting a lot of ARC requests these days and am finding it difficult to reply to all of them. If you don’t see a reply from me in a week, please assume I’m not taking up your book. Thanks!

Note: If I did not enjoy reading your book and would not wish to recommend it, I will not review it.

I reserve the rights to not post a review after accepting an ARC if I do not like the book. I do not want to spread a bad review for a book by a budding author. (Let’s face it, you would prefer that as well.)

Reading Preferences:


I read pretty much everything except a few genres.

Please do not request reviews if your book belongs to the following categories:

  • Poetry
  • Horror
  • Violence
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Erotica


  • Does not matter. It can be a short story or an epic or anywhere in between.


  • I accept ARCs as ebooks or audiobooks and do not prefer printed books.

Review Posting Details:

  • If I liked your book, I will leave my honest review on goodreads.
  • If I loved your book, I will recommend it in this site as a separate post or as part of a listicle. I will also share the post on twitter.
  • As mentioned earlier, if I did not like your book, I will not review it. I may rate it on goodreads.


I expect to start reading any new ARC requests from authors by July. Will keep updating this as and when I accept more books for review.

As for when I can finish reading and reviewing your book, it depends on the length of the book, subject matter and my commitments. If I accept your book, I will give you a tentative date.


I do not accept payments for reviews. Reading is a reward in itself 🙂

Not accepting any new book review requests now. Keep checking for updates.