Shortness of Life

We spend our life pretending that we will live forever. Death is something that we assume is always years away. We know we are all going to die eventually, but we always ignore this fact. When a loved one dies, it hits us hard and we regret the many things that we wanted to do with them or for them. We regret not having spent quality time with them and not having been in touch with them frequently because we were “busy”. We remember the fight we had eons ago and wished we had apologized or didn’t make a big deal out of the conflict. We regret not expressing our love. Continue reading “Shortness of Life”

Two Ingredients For A Happy Career

We often realize a little too late that money isn’t everything. At a young age, we buy that luxurious car or the house larger than we require by means of a loan and spend almost half of our career repaying the debt. Continue reading “Two Ingredients For A Happy Career”