Book Review: Most and More by Mahatria Ra

Reading this book brought a smile to my face because many thoughts here are similar to what my father believes. In fact, many people I know from my parent’s generation would tell you similar things. However, they may be blunt about it (and maybe come off as a bit preachy). Mahatria Ra weaves his idealogy into stories and makes it interesting. The language is also written in a simple manner, so it gave me a comforting feeling like listening to a moral embedded story from an elder relative.

I read this book when I was going through something like a quarter life crisis, when I was confused about what to do with my career, how to balance work and life, what do I want to do with my life, etc. The timing was perfect and the book helped me clear my head. It reminded me of the many things that I subconsciously believe in, but don’t always follow.

Here is a quote from the back cover:

most and more back
When I need motivation or when I’m in doubt, I shall glance through this book to increase my drive. If you don’t like reading books on philosophy that are direct, give this a go. I would highly recommend this book for youngsters. You could also check out his speeches on YouTube before reading this book. If you like this book and/or the author’s speeches, check out his magazine Infinitheism as well.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Most and More by Mahatria Ra”

  1. I personally read a lot of self-help books, I believe they help me reflect more. I analyze my behavior more as well. I loved the quote you shared. Great job on this post 🙂

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